So there was no iPhone 5 announced at WWDC. No big surprise really, but of course this means we can now expect even more alleged leaks and rumours to occur until the handset finally does see the light of day – smart money’s on October.

We’ve had a fair share already and after one creative type pulling a load of the net’s best iPhone 5 rumours and piecing together a video of what it might look like, another bright spark has rendered a batch of photos showcasing what we might expect from the next-gen model.

iphone 5 pictured shame the photos are only very good renders though image 2

So good are they in fact, that they have allegedly fooled some quarters of the press into thinking they are in fact the real deal.

Pocket-lint can categorically say they’re not, but if the real iPhone 5 does end up looking anything like this, then you won’t hear too many complaints from us, at least from a design perspective.

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