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(Pocket-lint) - Data usage on the iPhone 4S has been shown to be, on average, double that used on the iPhone 4; this, in no small part being down to the way in which the voice recognition tech Siri allows easy accessibility to the web.

The study, carried out by Arieso (a company involved with optimising mobile networks), showed that there has been a significant leap in the data usage of iPhone 4S users,significant in that it places ever increasing pressure on mobile operators to deliver a decent user experience through greater bandwidth capacity.

This makes for an interesting balancing act between the technology used by the end user and that which is used by the provider; if one or both are out of synch then it will no doubt mean a drop in service with the phone/tablet user bearing the brunt.

And it is this use of Siri, described often as a virtual personal assistant, that enables ultra-fast access to all manner of online content as well as access all manner of in-phone functions; creating a system which, apart from the aforementioned data bandwidth, has very few barriers.

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This trend for voice recognition software is set to increase with Google Majel on the cards and developments in Google Voice, so it will be up to the mobile network companies to ensure that the data services are up to scratch in order to deal with any future increase.

In the UK Siri is not fully functional at the moment, as you can't search for businesses, restaurants and the like, but these services have been promised for this year so it's all set to change and a look at your data plans may well prove prudent.

Writing by Ben Crompton.