It's the end of the year, but before we get too excited about what's to come next, lets take a breather, let those mince pies break down and glance back at 2011.

In the big wide world, March saw the tragic events of the earthquakes in Christchurch, New Zealand, and, worse still, in Japan - the latter of which resulted in the tsunami disaster which saw over 15,000 people lose their lives and a country left with a nuclear disaster to contend with. With the world turned in sympathy and support, technology quietly got on with its business as best it could while our thoughts went out to the factory workers in Japan's northern industrial regions.

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World famous hack modder Ben Heck showed off his latest piece of home made computer craft and explained how you too can turn your Xbox 360 in to a 1970s Atari 2600. Read more

turn your xbox 360 into 1970s atari 2600 image 1

With the launch of the iPad 2 in shops in March, the flagship UK Apple Store in Regents Street was once again the focus of attention with over 300 punters queuing to get their mitts on the latest and greatest from Jobs Inc. A policewoman scratches her head and wonders why they didn't pre-order online. Read more

ipad 2 regent street apple store queue by the numbers image 1

March 2011 was about when Angry Birds fever reach its pitch. We'd already seen cakes, soft toys and more levels and merchandising than you could possibly imagine. Then there were the fan movies with this spoof trailer probably the best of the lot. Is this some sort of game to you? Read more

year in review 2011 march image 2

Asus took a twist on proceedings by introducing an Android Honeycomb tablet device that comes equipped with a detachable keyboard to offer the best of both worlds for those sitting on the fence between business and pleasure. Pocket-lint went hands-on. Read more

The mobile technology event in Florida kicked off known as CTIA. Americans found out what tablets and phones they could look forward to in the coming months while Pocket-lint went hands-on with everything from Samsung's assault on the tablet world (as pictured with the 8.9 Tab below) to the next dimension with the HTC Evo 3D. Read our CTIA 2011 coverage

We celebrated Pi Day by taking a look at some of the very first machines specially built to calculate the irrational number to as many decimal places as possible. The ENIAC machine managed to get to over 2,000 digits in 1949 but required an enormous room and 70 hours of work to figure it out. Read more

year in review 2011 march image 3

Nokia made it pretty clear that it had no intention of letting go of the developing world market that it had so neatly cornered by announcing the Nokia X1-00 feature phone for just ?35 that will last you a whole 61 days on a single charge. Read more

nokia x1 00 the phone that lasts for 61 days on a single charge image 1

Proving once again that fanaticism is far more powerful the the ordinary, earthly boundaries of actual good taste, custom install specialist Acoustic Innovations created a $100,000 Star Wars home cinema set up including a 107-inch cinema screen and actual walking talking models of R2-D2 and C-3PO. Read more

star wars home cinema is out of this world image 1

Pocket-lint got behind the wheel of the future as we cruised around the Geneva Motor Show 2011. After all the in-car consoles, Wi-Fi solutions and heads-up AR integration, it took a few hours to find just which part of the show floor we'd left our jaw upon. Read more

your future car and what you can expect inside it image 7

At the time only in its conceptual form, Sony showed off its equally confusing and intriguing high end camera technology in the shape of the single lens translucent camera. It was a matter of months before the first models hit the shelves but what seemed a little out there has become something frighteningly impressive in tests. Read more

Onkyo and Spotify announced a partnership in March to bring the music streaming service into the living rooms of users everywhere beginning its long grapple to drag itself off the computer. The first Onkyo hardware to carry it was the Onkyo TX-NR609 AV receiver picture below. Read more

onkyo tx nr609 leads the receiver pack in new 2011 lineup image 1

Charlie Sheen hit Twitter after his extraordinary TV interview not long after losing his job on the TV show Two and a Half Men. It didn't take much time for people to tune in. The Hollywood bad boy currently boasts nearly 6 million followers today. Read more

charlie sheen is on twitter let the madness begin image 2

Quite out of the blue, Amazon launched a cloud storage system with free locker space for all. Those lucky enough to live in the States were also treated to the Amazon Cloud Player which allows users to stream their stored music on any computer and any Android device over the Internet. Read more

year in review 2011 march image 4

Brit comedy duo Nick Frost and Simon Pegg took a little time off on the set of Paul to appreciate the desert and use their location to shoot a little project of their own. A bicycle helmet here, some gold spray paint there and very quickly they had themselves a remake of a classic scene from Star Wars. Read more

year in review 2011 march image 5

Pentax revamped its idea of bringing fascias to compact cameras back in March with the arrival of the Pentax Optio RS1500. The camera comes with a selection of pre-designed clip on covers as well as five sheets for you to make your own. Not too shabby with HD video recording too for just £89. Read more

pentax optio rs1500 lets you show your fickle side image 1

The Sony Ericsson Xperia play became the first Android smartphone to offer something significantly different from a run of the mill top handset by adding much needed hard joypad controls to the mobile gaming experience. We went hands on to take a good look at each of the launch titles. Read more

sony ericsson xperia play the games  image 1

Import Export Archetecture decided to show off its quite bizarre and certainly unique solution to sleeping alfresco in the city. It was the Pocket-lint news team that decided that the Urban Camping Project would be just the ticket the for next time the Apple Store queues hit. Read more

vertical urban camping ideal for iphone 5 queues image 1

As the games flooded in to use the 3D experience of the Nintendo 3DS, Japanese cos-play model/photography Julie Watai launched a package of her own saucy slides compatible with viewing in the added dimension. A taste of the future, perhaps? Read more

hot chicks in pants invade nintendo 3ds in full 3d image 1

Pocket-lint grabbed Liverpool legends Ian Rush and John Barnes for a chat at the launch of Hyundai's Boot Shoot iPhone app. It turned out that Stan Collymore and Phil Babb were the geeks of the group back in the day. Read more

liverpool legends john barnes and ian rush talk football technology image 1

Professional "extrovert" Louie Spence was on hand in Central London to crown Britain's Got Talent's Kevin Cruise as the Dance Central Spring Dance-off champion. Yeah, we're not sure how this happened either. Read more

louie spence crowns kevin cruise kinect dance central champion image 2

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