Standing 4 foot high and 8 foot wide, we're not sure if the Behringer iNuke Boom is the world's largest iPhone/iPad/iPod dock, but we do know it's the loudest. The beast of a speaker system is capable of barking out over 10,000 Watts of power.

The dock, which will be available for one cent shy of $30,000, is to make its debut at CES in Las Vegas from 7 January 2012, and has been created by the audio company in order to help publicise its new Eurosound consumer electronics brand.

The new moniker will be attached to four separate product lines, comprised of over 50 new products. The Home tag will be for equipment designed to bring concert sounds to your living room, Live attached to amplification devices, Portable for mobile audio experiences, and Creation being the umbrella under which music making kit will sit.

The iNuke Boom, however, is part of the Behringer brand, and should you want one, you may well need to reinforce your flooring. The dock weighs a staggering 700 pounds.

Pocket-lint is going to be at CES 2012 for its duration, so we'll report on what the Behringer iNuke Boom sounds like when we're there. If we still have eardrums, that is.

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