Apple has begun seeding out iOS 5.1 in beta form to developers, and whilst there's not much info as to what exactly the software update means for iDevice users - a major Siri refresh is rumoured - there is plenty of juicy new hardware info hidden within the code.

That's right fanboys, it's time to get the rumour mill well and truly stirred up as iOS 5.1 seems to name drop a heck of a lot of new Apple kit that could be coming our way in the smartphone, tablet and home TV areas.

Starting with the iPad and we've got not one but three new tablets coming our way according to the references. iPad 2,4 is likely to be a tweak for the existing iPad 2 - most likely a version for the US network Sprint (with possible WiMAX capabilities) or an iPad for China's TD-LTE setup.

The iPad 3,1 and 3,2, we've heard rumours of before. It could be that these are 3G and Wi-Fi variants of the next-gen iPad 3 - one that possibly goes by the codename J33.

On the iPhone front, the code names an iPhone 5,1 device. And whilst the 5 tag doesn't necessarily mean an Apple smartphone with a 5 in its official name (the iPhone 4 was identified as the 3,1, 3,2 and 3,3) the jump from the 4S' 4,1 identifier could well signify a major hardware refresh. Let's hope so.

On the Apple TV front we've not only got a new identifier, 3,1, we've a codename as well: J33. If the iPad 3 really is the J2 then the J33 moniker could be significant and mean a major update for Apple's hobby box - its current offerings were all codenamed with a name beginning with a K.

Sure, it's technical, geeky stuff but it looks as if we're in for a bumper crop of new Apple products in 2012.

iOS 5.1 is available to developers now, so it will most likely be set loose for the fanboy masses within a couple of weeks.