User tests are suggesting that the iPhone 4S's poor battery life could be down to a bug in iOS 5, specifically the "Setting Time Zone" within the Location Services settings.

The issue of poor iPhone 4S battery life has come up on numerous occasions with users complaining of battery drain within hours of full charge.

The "Setting Time Zone" option is there so that when turned on it will automatically change the time on the phone when the iPhone 4S in question moves from one time zone to another; the bug means that the phone is pinging the location server even when the user remains within the same time zone, which acts to drain the battery.

If you're experiencing battery-life issues with your Apple handset it might be a good move to try switching Setting Time Zone off, it's definitely worth giving it a go as it's very simple to do and won't impair the functionality of the handset too much - unless you happen to be some sort of international jet setter.

It's a shame this iOS 5 battery bug is overshadowing an otherwise very successful launch. Apple probably want to sort this as quickly as possible with some kind of iOS 5 update, if it wants to avoid the furore of last year's iPhone 4 antenna issues.

This user solution is the last in a long line of suggestions, which have included things like turning of Siri's raise to speak function and disabling the live widgets.

Has tweaking location settings helped your iPhone 4S battery life? Let us know below...