The iPhone 4S is looking to cement itself in sales history, topping 4 million sales in its first weekend; an incredible number for a piece of consumer electronics that costs £499. 

Pocket-lint was on hand on launch day to capture the excitement surrounding the new Apple device, which saw more than a million pre-orders.

On top of the incredible sales stats, iOS 5 has allegedly been downloaded and is running on more than 25 million Apple devices.

4 million sales sets a record for a mobile phone and more than doubles the number of iPhone 4 handsets sold in its first weekend.

Apple launches often see sales' delays and lots of rumour stories pointing to dwindling device stocks. It seems this time that Apple has produced more than enough handsets, the iPhone 4S is listed as having a 1-2 week waiting-time on the Apple Store.

The iPhone 4S hasn't even launched worldwide yet and is still managing plentiful sales. Expect Eastern Europe, Italy and others to start seeing the handset on 28 October.

iOS 5 and iCloud saw such a heavy demand at launch earlier last week that many Apple users were experiencing error messages making it impossible to install. Things have now settled and iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S users are enjoying all the new notifications and updated functionality.

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