There's little doubt that millions of new iPhone 4S owners will be trying out Siri, Apple's voice command system specific to this handset, early doors. It is easily one of the most exciting features of the device, and when it's in full flow is a real standout party piece.

However, new owners in the UK are reporting that they are a tad disappointed with the localised feature, as it doesn't quite offer the same level of detail afforded to its US cousin on day one.

One of the aspects of Siri that many were hoping to try out was it's ability to find, for example, a restaurant in the area by just muttering words such as "I'm hungry" or even "Find me a Chinese restaurant". And while it will happily find lists of local eateries nearby if you live in the States, it will only return a standard apology elsewhere: "Sorry, I can only look for businesses in the United States," it says. "And when you're using US English."

Many users have been posting on Twitter to vent their frustration after using the function for the first time: "I actually hoped Siri would be good. Right now though, it just isn't," says @DenZhadanov.

Aral Balkan (@aral) even goes as far as saying, "Don't bother with Siri if you're in the UK or Europe, it's shit."

That said, there are also many others that are happy to merely find the Easter Eggs in Siri's responses for now. Graeme White (@gw0001), for example, posted, "I'm amazed at how much fun I've had asking Siri pointless questions."

Naturally, Pocket-lint has already asked it if it has a penis, to which the reply was merely, "Oooh!"

See, hours of fun.

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