The iPhone 4S, although externally mostly unchanged from the iPhone 4, has plenty of surprises under the hood, not least its improved camera. Along with the improved camera there's also a nice improvement to go alongside with the addition of iOS 5 (clearly also available on the iPhone 4): the ability to take pictures via the volume control on your headphones.

iOS 5 brings all manner of features, most of which we've covered in our extensive review; we already knew that there was a new shortcut to the camera, with the ability to open up the camera with two presses of the home button even when the phone is locked.

However, news from MacRumors states that iOS 5 adds to the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4's photography credentials by way of remote shutter release. By using headphones with attached volume control, you can activate the iPhone's shutter release - increasing the flexibility of the iPhone as a camera no-end.

We're thinking this would be good when the iPhone 4S is attached to a tripod, for macro, sports and even wildlife pics.

It will be interesting to see how far this kind of development pushes the iPhone 4S into the compact camera space.

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