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(Pocket-lint) - Siri, Apple's answer to the HAL 9000, has started to reveal unusual answers to questions that presumably Apple knew everyone would ask. 

The obvious ones like "what's the meaning of life?" call multiple responses. The excited ones however - for example, "what's the answer to life, the universe and everything?" - show just how far Siri goes to providing an in-depth and conversational experience. 

Ask Siri to "open the pod bay doors" and you will be told "I'm sorry (insert your name here), I'm afraid I can't do that". Things get really clever when you start asking for slightly more seedy things, like drugs or ahem ... hookers. Siri will answer with locations to rehab clinics or local 'entertainment' venues. 


No one quite knows how far things go with Siri's witty answers yet, therefore a website has been created that's dedicated to figuring out interesting responses from the voice command software. 

The rather friendly-titled shitthatsirisays.tumblr.com acts like a rolling blog of screens showing bizarre answers from the iPhone 4S voice assistant.

So far, the site is filled with the responses discovered by Josh Topolsky at This is My Next, but in time it hopes to add other submissions from users - after all, normal people haven't been able to get their hands on the iPhone 4S to try it yet.

Our favourite postings are easily the HAL references, but if you spot anything better after launch day do let us know...

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Writing by Hunter Skipworth.
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