Struggling to install your new iOS 5 update on your iPhone or iPad? You aren’t alone, it seems. Apple users are frenziedly trying to install the new operating system update only to be met with error messages.

Hundreds of users have gone online, hit the Apple forums and vented their anger and frustration on Twitter, all struggling to install the new update that adds notifications, Wi-Fi syncing, Twitter integration and much more. 

While some are getting a non-discript internal error message, others are getting a slightly more detailed "Backup failed error 3200" error messages.

ios 5 error messages hit updaters image 2

The end result means that updaters are unable to install the new update and start benefiting from the new features.

Pocket-lint's message was different still:

"The iPad "Stuart Miles's iPad" cannot be restored at this time because the iPad software update server could not be contacted or is temporarily unavailable" is the error were are getting. 

According to the general consensus on the multiple forums talking about the problem, it really is just a case of keep trying and hoping that Apple's servers eventually get back on top of things.

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iOS 5 update live and ready for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

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