iPhone 4S fever has already hit by the looks of it. Phones4u has had its preregistration pages for the handset swamped by prospective buyers expressing an interest in the brand new handset.

So many in fact that it has smashed the record set by the iPhone 4 last year, by more than 100 per cent. It took just five hours for the new iPhone 4S to beat its now older brother.

Not everyone was happy to see the 4S after the iPhone name yesterday, with many hoping it to be a 5 and an entirely redesigned body. Instead we got a major processor hike and a new camera, the handset itself stayed largely the same. 

Doesn't seemed to have put people off, clearly the Phones4u stats show a massive interest in the new Apple handset.

Prior to the phones release Phones4u had done a customer poll trying to work out what they thought the new handset would be. 

"We recently polled our customers on what they expected next from Apple and 74% thought it likely to be an iPhone 5, with 57% of current iPhone users saying they'd want an iPhone 5 on the day it launched." said a Phones4u spokesperson. 

The age group of those preregistering consists primarily of 18-30 year olds, who make up more than half of all iPhone 4S interest.

Apple clearly still knows how to do a product launch. Expect even bigger chaos when things arrive on shop shelves on 12 October. Get those preregistrations in now, we imagine things will sell out pretty quick.

Preregistered for the iPhone 4S yet? Let us know in the comments below ...