We know what you are thinking, you struggle to remember to pack your iPhone cable too and then spend 20 minutes hunting around the office with everyone only ever offering you a Micro USB cable to charge your phone instead.

It is a pain being in the majority, or should that be minority.

That’s right, after every other phone company has adopted the Micro USB as its main charging connector Apple look to be getting in on the game too with a new Micro USB adapter.

“The Apple iPhone Micro USB Adapter allows you to use third-party micro USB cables and chargers to sync or charge your iPhone. Simply connect your iPhone to the Micro USB Adapter, then connect a micro USB cable or charger to the Micro USB Adapter,” reads the blurb on the Apple site. 

Those keen to make sure that they can steal a BlackBerry, Samsung, or HTC charger from their mates will have to pay £8 for the privilege.

The new adapter is available in the Apple store in the UK now.