Apple has announced it will be bringing Siri voice control to the iPhone at its Let's Talk iPhone event. Along with announcing the new iPhone 4S and 12 October release date for iOS 5, the Cupertino based company dropped Siri. 

Siri is a complex and highly competent method of telling your iPhone what to do by talking. You can obtain directions, ask for the weather, control appointments, calendars, and pretty much everything your iPhone can do you can access via voice control.

Direct dictation to your iPhone is also possible with Siri, meaning you could, in theory, dictate an entire email whilst driving. It is also contextual and personal, so will try and work out exactly what you're are thinking of telling the iPhone to do. 

On the most basic level, say for example we told Siri to play a track, the iPhone would play a track. It is, however, capable of far more; Siri allows you to write and send an entire text message without having to look at your phone screen.

Apple calls it a "humble personal assistant," but it could revolutionise the way people use their smartphones and for those who need it, could help increase the usability of the iPhone for those with disabilities. 

As of now Siri exists in beta form and is apparently going to improve as it learns your voice. Initially Siri will only work with English, German and French speakers. Unfortunately it is also an iPhone 4S-only feature. 

Expect to see Siri in action when the iPhone 4S launches on 12 October. 

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