Apple has dropped a surprise app at its yearly iPhone excitement event called Find My Friends. The app allows you to locate iPhone-owning friends and family and keep track of their whereabouts, perfect for worried parents the world over.

Acting as what we presume is an extension of Find My iPhone, the app can be controlled via different time windows. If for example you don't want your parents to know what sort of mischief you are getting up to post 9pm, then you can turn off your location sharing then. 

The app is said to have "simple privacy options" and will hopefully not behave quite like the previous location-tracking "feature" discovered earlier this year with the iPhone. 

Expect more on Find My Friends when Pocket-lint gets a play with the app. 

In the meantime why not check out our iOS 5 story, which shows plenty of the new exciting features included in the OS, which is set to arrive on the 12 October. 

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