iCloud, Apple's online music, photo and app syncing service is set to arrive on 12 October, the same day as iOS 5. 

iCloud brings with it wireless connectivity between the iPhone and iTunes like never before. Applications will be pushed straight to your iOS-powered devices and when downloaded from the Apple Store. 

Alongside iCloud comes iTunes Match, the all-in-one solution for those looking to migrate all their music into the cloud. iTunes Match will look up every track in your iTunes library and then create a cloud-based version of it. Think of it as new for old. You can then pull those tracks straight onto your iOS-powered device whenever you want.

iTunes Match will also stream content straight from the iTunes app, a bit like Spotify. It is priced in at $24.99 per year and will launch at the end of October in the US.

Storage for iCloud will initially exist in an entirely free 5GB form, you can then stump up $20 per year for 10GB, $40 for 20GB or $100 for 50GB per year. Photos and documents, including your iPhone's photo stream will be backed up onto iCloud for you to access whenever you want.

The main juicy bit of iCloud is that it essentially means iTunes entirely in the cloud, so no syncing is needed with your desktop whatsoever. Once you have everything setup and ready to go you can just pull whatever media you want down onto your iPhone. 

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