The iPhone 5 is nearly upon us, just a few hours until the chapel of Apple fills once more and we are treated to what could be yet another game changing device. 

Who knows what joys lay in store? Thinner? Faster? Better camera? All likely; what we didn't see coming however was a supposed lack of 4G support. A bit like Apple's continued avoidance of Blu-ray as a format, it looks like the new iPhone will dodge WiMAX support, sticking with conventional 3G speeds.

Insiders at Apple have told the Wall Street Journal that the new handset will lack the extra speed capacity and network compatibility. 

It is not such a major issue for iPhone 5 purchasers outside the US as many countries, the UK included, have relatively small if any 4G connectivity. In the States however, networks like Sprint and Verizon continue to roll out extensive high speed 4G networks across the country. 

Whatever happens at the Apple launch, expect things to play it big in the specifications department. Since the launch of the iPhone 4 things like dual-core processors and 1080p video recording have hit Android smartphones, we hope to see the same out of camp Apple. 

Check back in the next couple of hours to see what Apple has in store...

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