Sources are claiming that Apple will launch the new iPhone 5 on the 4 October with the actual iPhone 5 release date pegged for later in the month.

All Things Digital, who are the source of the top secret information, say that the new Apple CEO, Tim Cook, will be the one giving the presentation to the watching world, and that while it’s all to be completely finalised, it is pretty much "green for launch".

Steve Jobs who stepped down in August as the CEO of the company isn't mentioned in the plans that see Tim Cook leading the presentation. 

The iPhone 5 release date in the UK and the US has long been a subject of rumour as far back as the spring, with speculation over screen size ad form factor making it all the more difficult for those who want the new smartphone from Apple to wait patiently.

If Apple keeps with previous release schedules, we can expect an iPhone 5 release date in the UK in a couple of weeks. That gives operators like Orange, O2, Vodafone and Three the chance to drum up pre-orders and tease us with hot iPhone 5 deals.

Rest assured Pocket-lint will be bringing you plenty of detail when Apple announces the new iPhone 5.

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