iPhone 5 rumours are reaching fever pitch, with Stephane Richard, CEO of France Telecom, mentioning that the iPhone 5 might be released on 15 October.

The source of this speculation is an interview with BFM Business, in French, several days ago which loosely translates to read: “If I believe what we were told, the iPhone 5 will be released on 15 October and if the date is confirmed it will of course be in France Telecom stores."

There is a big IF in there, two in fact, making this far from confirmed. But it fits with existing dates that have been rumoured for an October launch announcement, fitting with iOS 5 rollout and previously leaked information about in-store installations for Best Buy on 21 October.

Now, 15 October is a Saturday, while the 21 October is a Friday, so is unlikely to be the date of a launch event, which will be scheduled during the working week. It’s not inconceivable, however, that these dates will tally with the phone going on sale, looking for a strong weekend of sales.

Richard has previously dropped hints on the iPhone 5 - which we won’t be able to verify until Apple launches iPhone 5 - and the iPad, which turned out to be off the mark. 

iphone 5 landing on 15 october to be slimmer  image 2

Elsewhere, iPhone cover retailer Case-Mate is causing a stir, first revealing an "iPhone 5" case, before pulling the page to give you a generic iPhone 5/iPhone 4S landing page and inviting you to register your interest. The wording on this page seems far from certain before going on to repeat some of the existing rumours we've already heard. 

Call us cynical, but we can’t help thinking this is a ploy to draw eager Fanboys in and have them sign up, eager to be first to get the news.

Speculation, linkbait, call it what you will; let’s all keep calm and carry on, there won’t be long to wait and you'll know as soon as those Apple event invites go out.