The Apple / Samsung legal battles rages on with the news that Apple is now seeking a complete ban on the entire Galaxy range; smartphones, tablets and all, including the Samsung Galaxy Ace, Galaxy S, Galaxy S II, original Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Not content with being the world's biggest company already, it seems that the Apple juggernaut won't come to a standstill until it has completely obliterated anything that stands in its way.

You may recall that the Cupertino company originally sued Samsung back in April due to claims that the South Korean manufacturer had copied many elements of its iPhone and iPad designs and user interface with the Galaxy range of phones and tablets.

This escalated last week with the news that Samsung had been told that it has to withdraw the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 from sale in Europe including the UK, just days after it went on sale, following orders by a German court.

Samsung appealed and the injunction was lifted (everywhere but Germany) on Tuesday but it looks as if Apple wants more action.

A complaint filed at The Hague reads:

"Apple demands that Samsung and its subsidiaries send a “letter of request” to all their European clients to recall all infringing products from stock “within 14 days” and offer compensation of the purchase price as well as transport costs.

"Apple demands that Samsung’s letter should include a statement saying that if clients don’t comply, that they themselves violate Apple’s intellectual property rights."

This could obviously have a massive affect on Samsung, and its retail partners' bottom lines if successful.

A decision is due on 15 September.

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