This is either a genuine picture of a Wintek assembly line, showing workers making hay with the next iteration of the iPhone, or a ruddy good fake.

And granted, there's not much close up action so it's hard to tell if these images let us in on any iPhone 5 secrets but look closely and you'll see a big slot where the home button usually sits.

More room for more fingers perhaps? Back in January there were reports doing the rounds that Apple may introduce a multi-touch (and no doubt "magical") trackpad area under the screen - could this bigger slot be making room for that?

iphone 5 pictures from factory hint at gesture based home button image 2

Perhaps, and also interesting is the thinner bezel at the side which seems to back up the bigger iPhone 5 screen rumours that have picked up the pace as of late.

Most importantly though, and a fact that seems to have gone unreported so far is that Apple and Wintek are employing Stormtroopers to do their dirty work. Is Steve Jobs really Darth Vader?

All will be revealed, we suppose, on 7 September. Or 7 October. Or never. Who knows?