Back in July, when Nokia posted details of its operating loss of £424 million and smartphone shipment figures of 16.7 million, we told you how it meant that Apple had leapfrogged the Finnish company in terms of smartphone manufacturing.

Well, now the official numbers are in (from IDC) and Apple is now officially the world's largest smartphone manufacturer.

And what's more, Nokia isn't even in the top two any longer - second place has gone to Samsung.

Apple's shipment of 20.3 million iPhones in Q2 2011 gives it a 19.1 per cent market share, and is up 142 per cent on the same period in 2010.

Samsung is close behind with 17.3 million shipments, and a share of 16.2 per cent - a massive 381 per cent increase year on year. Nokia's 16.3 million is 30 per cent down on last year.

apple declared world s largest smartphone manufacturer image 2

With Apple not releasing a new smartphone since the middle of 2010 though, and Samsung going out big guns with the Galaxy S II and the like, the Cupertino boardroom is sure to be delighted that it holds top spot. And with a new iPhone expected in the next couple of months, its position is surely only going to be cemented further.