Apple has released an update to its next mobile operating system iOS 5 for developers testing out the new OS before it’s released later in the year.

iOS 5 beta 3 brings with it a number bug fixes and enhancements according to developers who’ve already downloaded it and keen to break the confidentiality agreement they signed with Apple to share the news.

According to those users, who are reporting what's what to Cult of Mac, the new beta brings plenty of tweaks and bug fixes as the company works its way to launch day.

According to those playing with the new software, Apple has used the update to speed things up, like the camera, as well as add new features like the ability to turn off voice roaming and greater control over location services reports 

Apple has already outlined the main features of the new OS that is due out later in the year. The final version of the update is expected alongside the launch of the iPhone 5.