Gadget insurance provider Protect Your Bubble has released the results of a survey taken from the Wireless Festival, Hyde Park. It showed that 1 in 4 people will lose something at a festival this year, with dance fans apparently most at risk with 1 in 10 (12 per cent) losing their mobile despite nearly half owning an iPhone.

A range of festival goers were polled, with pop fans the least likely to have their gadget stolen, whilst those into hip hop come in a close second behind their dance counterparts with 9 per cent losing their mobiles. Hip hop fans being at high risk could be something to do with 84 per cent of them admitting to drinking over seven pints of lager; the particular drug of choice for the dance crowd was undisclosed.

Rock fans appeared to be the most practical of the bunch with 29 per cent bringing cheap "dumb phones" to a festival with them.

Stephen Ebbett, Director,, commented: "Our research shows the difference between the type of music people like, and the care they take of their gadgets. Fans of David Ghetta and the Chemical Brothers are the most likely to own an iPhone, but also the most careless at losing the gadget. While fans of Plan B and Tinie Tempah drink the most and have the least insurance protection. Fans of Pulp and Ke$ha clearly take better care of their gadgets with their chances of their mobile getting lost or stolen nearly half that of other fans."

The rule of thumb appears to be that if you're going to get off your face at a festival then it's probably best not to take anything of value, let alone a £500 piece of tech. And if you do it's probably not a bad idea getting some insurance - just in case.

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