One of the hacking scene's new kids on the block, i0n1c (aka Stefen Esser), is considering including a ban on using pirated applications with his next jailbreak, for Apple's forthcoming iOS 5. He may write in a block on using Installous, the software used to install illegal versions of apps on jailbroken iDevices, such as the iPad and iPhone.

Tweeting his thoughts, @i0n1c states: "Hmmm @milicigoran had a very good idea. Future jailbreaks should block Installous from working."

Followed by: "The idea to create a jailbreak that blocks pirated apps is going ping pong in my head. Might be a good motivator to do the iOS 5.0 untether."

Naturally, Hackulous, the team behind Installous is upset with this idea, as i0n1c's current jailbreak is rumoured to be adopted by around 11 million iDevices.

Speaking to TorrentFreak, Dissindent, one of Hackulous' admins, said, “The entire premise behind jailbreaking is that you’re able to do whatever you want with your device. It’s your device, you own it and you should be able to manipulate the software in any way that you like.

“That doesn’t necessarily mean everything you do with it is legal, but that the manufacturer of the software and the hardware has no place in telling you how you use the device.”

He also believes that the idea of adding a block into jailbroken code is tantamount to hypocrisy: "If a jailbreak author decides to add DRM to it, they are being extremely hypocritical," he added.

Clearly, a large amount of those who use Esser's jailbreaks are not pleased at the thought of blocking the use of pirated applications - he has been subjected to a stream of offensive tweets ever since.

Not that it bothers him though, it might even have made up his mind to add the Installous block: "In that line of thought, releasing a jailbreak that is only useful for people not into piracy would be a way to maximally annoy the bad people inside the jailbreaking community," he told TorrentFreak, mischievously.

What do you think, do you think that the next jailbreak should block Installous and the use of pirated apps? Let us know in the comments below...