Apple has enough cash in the bank to buy virtually all it’s competition if it wanted to, showing us just how successful the maker of the iPhone is.

With an estimated $70billion of cash sitting there waiting for the right moment, it means that it could buy Nokia, RIM, HTC, Motorola and Sony Ericsson and have change to spare.

The only company that Apple couldn’t afford to add if it went on a spending spree would be Samsung, valued at $53b, although the Cupertino based company could buy them if they weren’t fussed about the others.

LG, roughly valued at $10b, could be easily affordable but Apple would have to take out a loan if it wanted that company as well.

According to website Asymco, who covers the markets, the total bill for buying Nokia ($22.6b), RIM ($13.8b), HTC ($25.4b) and Motorola ($4.2b) is $66 billion. Add in Sony Ericsson, which Asymco suggests is worth $3b and you’ve still got $1b change to spend building the new spaceship like headquarters that Apple have planned.

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