Ah, smell that air. It's the sweet aroma of an Apple Monday.

You know - a day when fanboys across the world wait anxiously for the man with the beard to arrive with all the latest toys for them to play with.

No, not the fat bearded man in the red suit - but rather the skinny bearded man in the black turtle neck, Saint Steve Jobiclaus, patron of all that is magical.

And on this hallowed day it's widely reported that Saint Jobs will be bringing us tidings of a new iOS 5, one with new widgets, Twitter integration and a whole new outlook on notifications.

And could this be our first look at iOS 5? Who knows, even the report it originates from isn't sure - simply getting confirmation from sources that it's "the right idea".

If it is correct, we're looking at a wider status bar at the top, with room for extra notification options, and new icons for apps including the camera one.

We know - it's excitement off the scale at this point.

All will be revealed at 6pm UK time - in the meantime, check out the spoof iOS 5 advert above. It made us laugh anyway.