An explosion has damaged part of Foxconn's Chengdu manufacturing plant in China, where a large quantity of Apple iPad 2s are manufactured. And, far more disastrously and importantly, news crews are reporting that there have been two people killed and 16 injured, three of which seriously.

Posting on the incident, claims that a CCTV reporter is on the scene and that a doctor has told them that there have so far been 6 or 7 people reported injured.

Fire crews and emergency services have arrived to contain the blaze, while they are warning onlookers and reporters that there may be a second explosion.

The blast happened in the company's A05 building, which is the one used for production of iPad 2s.

However, while Apple may be counting the cost of the incident in days to come, Pocket-lint's thoughts go out to those killed or injured in the blast.