Gadget developer Thumbs Up has crafted a lens attachment for the iPhone that replicates the fish eye effect normally achievable through the use of dedicated cameras.

The cunningly titled Fish Eye Lens for iPhone comes with a slip case and lens attachment, and then instantly changes the perspective of the internal camera, to one that's more rounded.

It's extremely simple to use. Just pop an iPhone in the rubberised case, then screw in the lens - Bob's your uncle and Fanny's a rude word... You can take fish eye style pics.

There are versions for the iPhone 3 and 3GS, and iPhone 4, and they each cost £21.49 from gadget retailers such as Firebox.

Of course, Thumbs Up's version of the lens is not the first fish eye lens we've featured on Pocket-lint, we also told you of Photojojo's magnetic version back in August last year. However, as those were only available on order from the States at the time, this new one is available in the UK.