Technology analyst iSuppli, the chaps who recently predicted that Apple would hold a 77 per cent share of the $3.8 billion 2011 app revenue, has reported more good news for the Cupertino company - it is on course to overtake Nokia as the world's biggest smartphone seller.

In the first quarter of this year the Apple shifted 18.6 million iPhone units, up 2.4 million on the previous quarter.

Nokia, meanwhile, had 4.1 million fewer sales between Q4 2010 and Q1 2011, although the Finnish manufacturer still lead the way with 24.2 million sales and a market share of 24.2 per cent.

But Apple's incline will be of grave concern for Nokia, given the dramatic decline it has suffered. Although Q4 2010 saw a 6.8 million increase in sales for Nokia, so it may well be just a blip.

Plus, it always has its Windows Phone 7 resurgence to look forward to.....

Apple's gain was Motorola's loss by the looks of it though. It suffered a 16.3 per cent slump, maybe due to a large number of Verizon customers ditching the Droid in favour of an iPhone 4.

apple on course to become world s biggest smartphone seller image 2

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