It's impossible for Apple to release anything without a fuss being kicked up online regarding a problem with the new device.

If it's not an antenna problem, it's a backlight issue - and if it's not the lack of a certain colour, it's the addition of an extra fraction of a millimetre.

And it's that latest problem that is causing concern online at the moment, following the global (massively delayed release) of the white iPhone 4 on Thursday.

Apparently (and we say apparently despite photographic evidence, because we didn't notice any difference with the model we got hands-on with), the white version of the iPhone 4 is a smidgen thicker than the black original.

0.2mm thicker according to an Engadget report - although Apple maintains it's just as skinny as it's older brother at 9.3mm.

If the white iPhone 4 does prove to be universally fatter then it could be a big deal indeed, most notably for case manufactures.

We'll wait and see how this develops as more fanboys take the iPhone blanc plunge.

Have any of you guys noticed a difference, or had a problem fitting a case or bumper? Let us know using the comments below.