Although it speculates on whether the device it's got its hands on is an iPhone 5, Vietnamese website Tinhte seems instead to have uncovered an early white iPhone 4 prototype. And while the fact that it's got 64GB of memory is interesting, a further look reveals something far more intriguing.

The handset sports an operating system that looks, on the outset, like iOS 4, but there are one or two major changes that suggest that it's either an early build of iOS 5 or, far more likely, that it's an unreleased version of iOS 4 that may never see the light of day.

For starters, instead of featuring app icons ranged along the bottom for multitasking, the new OS uses the opening screens of each application, which expand to full screen when pressed.

The multitasking screen also features a new fully-functioning search box at the top, which sends you to Spotlight Search.

App folder creation is slightly different too.

There's no reason to doubt whether this unearthed handset is the real deal, after all, Tinhte is the same website that got its hands on the second black iPhone 4 caught in the wild before release. However, we'd put the house on it just being an early prototype circa 2010, rather than anything to do with looking forward.

What do you think of the early OS, would it have been better than the final build? Let us know in the comments below...