Apple is still, defiantly, claiming that the white iPhone 4 is coming in spring, even though it has slipped more often than employees in a banana peeling factory. Oh, and regardless of the fact that spring is rapidly coming to an end.

It ties in with new information coming from different sources, including Bloomberg's, that Foxconn - one of Apple's major manufacturing partners - has already entered into production of the white device ready for a launch in the next couple of weeks. That said, the alternate colour of the phone was originally in full production back in 2010, only to have proven to be "more challenging to manufacture than expected".

If the white device does hit stores in the latter part of April/early May it is likely to be US only due to stock levels. A roll-out globally, including the UK, will more than likely be in June - the same time that we would normally be expecting the next iteration of the iPhone.

As for the iPhone 5 itself, Internet chatter has now increased that Apple won't release the new handset until Autumn at least - quite probably even slipping to next year. Many are saying that the company's WWDC this year will focus on software rather than hardware.

Delaying the white iPhone 4, therefore, seems as much a strategic decision as a practical one.

Has the white iPhone 4 missed the boat? Or are you still interested in one? Let us know in the comments below...