Want better battery life after updating to iOS 4.3 on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? Easy. All you have to do is disable Ping and you’ll notice that your device’s battery capabilities should be restored to what they were before the latest update.

To turn off Ping, and any other notification system that will also hinder battery life, do the following:

- Go to Settings

- Choose General > Restrictions

- Click on Enable Restrictions

- Enter a new pincode to use if you want to disable (or enable) restrictions at a later time

- Disable Ping (clicking on the switch so that it becomes blue gray)

Of course, you will lose the social music recommendation service on your device. However, you should find that your device’s battery will last a lot longer than it currently is.

If you really want your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to last for longer than a day, there are other tips for saving battery life.

For starters, make sure that Wi-Fi and the GPS (location services) are turned off unless you need them. You’ll also find you can save charge by turning off 3G connectivity. Although, if you start to do that you might as well just use that old phone you’ve got sitting in the draw from the 1990’s.

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If you've got any tips for saving battery life we would love to hear them in the comments below