Earlier on Pocket-lint, we told you how the iPhone 5 NFC rumour mill had been kicked back into motion, and now we can bring you news of a report that details some juicy NFC systems for Apple's devices. Systems which are much more exciting than the usual NFC flash and pay model.

A report on Cult of Mac, based on a source close to Apple, says that the Cupertino tech giant has big plans for its NFC devices, big plans that make your Apple profile even more ubiquitous than it currently is.

You've probably already got your iTunes account synced across more than one Apple device and, according to the report, you'll soon be able to sync it remotely to your buddies Macs using your NFC packing iDevice.

The idea is you'd flash your NFC iPhone or iPad over an NFC reading Mac and it would sync your apps and profile to it. The apps would appear as icons on the homescreen, and would only be available temporarily - but would mean you could effectively use any Mac as your home machine.

The remote computing option would make use of the new Mac App Store to download the apps and they would be available as long as the NFC connection is in place.

Apple apparently already has some the software needed already in place within Mac OS X Lion, which should land later this year.

Cult of Mac's source did state, however, that the NFC tech won't necessarily be built into the iPhone 5 - we may still have to wait until next year for NFC Apple devices.