The narrative of an Apple device rumour has more twist and turns than the recent movies from M. Night Shyamalan - the ones in which he is trying to convince us that The Sixth Sense wasn't just a massive fluke.

The latest revelation with regards to iPhone 5 speculation is that it will, in fact (probably), boast Near Field Communication (NFC) capabilities.

Look, we know we told you just a few days ago that it wouldn't, and that the iPhone 6 would possibly be the first Apple NFC device, but things have changed okay? Don't blame us. Blame the Independent for the initial report, and blame Elizabeth Woyke of Forbes for reigniting the NFC murmurs.

She states that "an entrepreneur" involved in a "top secret" NFC project assures her that the iPhone 5 will have the flash and pay tech, and that his claims are also backed up by "a friend" of the entrepreneurs who works at Apple.

Her report also states that manufacturers of NFC devices and readers are well aware that Apple is coming to their party - and are expecting big traffic for the tech.

Sticking with the iPhone 5 rumour-mill and there are also now suggestions that the next instalment of the fanboy's favourite smartphone will be very iPhone 4 like in looks - albeit with a metal back rather than the glass of the iPhone 4 (or plastic of previous versions).

9to5Mac also reports that Foxconn is well underway with its production of the next-gen handset and that the screen size could receive a bit of a boost - up to 4-inches.

If tradition continues Apple will announce the iPhone 5 at its WWDC event in June (it has done for all four other models). Expect to see more rumours between now and then though....lots of them. There ain't no rumour-mill like an Apple rumour-mill.