Wow, talk about a picture telling the story. We don't even really need to add any copy to this, do we? It's all fairly clear.

Hang on, whaddya mean you don't get it?

It's startlingly obvious isn't it? The above kernelcache.release file proves that the Apple iPhone 5 will be rocking the dual-core A5 chip.

Okay, we admit, even the supreme minds of Pocket-lint couldn't really make head nor tail of the coding, but luckily a couple of clever bods, most notably @chronic and @FlippoBiga, could.

And what it says is that the A5 processor (as found in the iPad 2) is part number S5L8940, and that the iPhone 5 (N94AP) contains references to this same S5L8940 processor.

So that's now an A5 chip, face-recognition, NFC features, a thinner bezel and dual mode CDMA and GSM all supposedly arriving on the next-gen iPhone.

Roll on the June keynote so we can all find out...