A senior Labour MP has claimed that Steve Jobs was in line to get an honorary knighthood in 2009, before then Prime Minister Gordon Brown blocked the decision. It is also alleged that this is because Jobs turned down the opportunity to make an appearance at the Labour Party conference that year.

Whilst the honour would not have allowed the Apple CEO to take on the mantle "Sir", as he is an American and only those born within a country with the Queen as their head of state can be fully knighted, it would have granted him recognition for the work he has done in services to technology in the UK. And it is for this reason that MPs initially put him forward.

The Daily Telegraph states that Apple was aware of the proposal, but it was rejected by Downing Street even though rival Bill Gates had already been awarded the honour.

The newspaper also says that the former Prime Minister's office has declined to comment.

It is not know whether new efforts to award Steve Jobs will come about, although, considering he has stepped-down from the day-to-day operation of Apple due to ill health, whether he would be able to accept.