Fanboys waiting for a bit of hotspot action (networks permitting, of course) may not have to wait too much longer, as numerous reports are suggesting that iOS 4.3 will land on 14 February.

If true, this is great news as, if you forget to buy your good woman some chocolates/flowers/standard grey teddy bear from Clinton Cards for Valentine's day, you can upgrade her iPhone for her and all will be good in the world.

After all, she'll not only be able to tap into some hotspot action, she'll also be able to adjust how many times her phone will alert her about a text message, which is far better than any box of chocolates, we're sure she'll agree.

She may also have more multi-finger gesture support, improved AirPlay and new video effects (but don't get her hopes up just in case).

The update is said to be hitting at 10am Apple Time, which is 6pm in the UK. Mondays at this time have proved to be the favoured update slot from Cupertino in the past, so we're hopeful the reports are accurate.

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