Everyone knows that the 1980s was the defining decade of the 20th century. The A-Ha video was the pinnacle of CGI, Thundercats toys were available in the shops, neon clothing (especially clothing that had "Relax" printed on it) was cool, and big phones made us feel important.

Well, brake out your A-Team VHS box-set, sit back with a Tab Clear and slip your iPhone into the new Thumbs Up iPhone case - because you can look as hip as Ferris Bueller, without taking the day off.

This comically large case hugs your iPhone, giving you access to all of the controls still - but will definitely make you stand out from the iSheep crowd.

Wojtek Kolan, business development director and co-founder of Thumbs Up said: “There is nothing more iconic than Gordon Gekko, the moneyman hero of the eighties, and Del Boy, TV’s most popular wheeler dealer, wielding their status symbol mobile brick. Technology may have advanced to create tiny phones but it was only a matter of time before BIG was BIG again.”

The case fits the iPhone 2G, 3GS and 4 and will be available soon for £12.99.