Ready for the latest iPad 2 and iPhone 5 rumour? Well, here goes - a leading business analyst has told Bloomberg that Apple is lining up Near Field Communication (NFC) payment options for its next iDevices.

Richard Doherty, director of consulting firm Envisioneering Group made the claim, also mentioning that he knew of engineers working on the devices.

Back in August, Apple appointed Benjamin Vigier as "product manager for mobile commerce". Vigier previously worked at NFC specialists Mobile Wallet and mFoundry as well as working within the NFC departments at Sandisk and a French telecoms company. 

In the past Apple has filed a number of patents concerning NFC-based services, including a mobile payments system that debits money from either a pre-loaded credit card or directly from iTunes, an airline boarding pass app called iTravel, and the Grab & Go app which makes for simple transferring of files between your Apple devices and an events ticket app. 

Patents have also been filed directly for an NFC iPhone, iPod and games controller as well as business and marketing apps such as the iPay, iBuy and iCoupons ones. 

NFC tech on board an iPhone (or any smartphone for that matter) makes sense and this is one rumour that we expect to see come to fruition.

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