Just like the Golden Globes, the Brits have swept up once again when it comes to awards over in California - this time with the winner and developer of Apple's 10 billionth app download contest both hailing from our green and pleasant land.

Gail Davis of Orpington in Kent downloaded the 10,000,000,000th app (or rather, one of her daughters did), which was Paper Glider from Cirencester based developer Neon Play.

Although Gail nearly didn't scoop the $10,000 iTunes credit prize - she originally told the Apple representative who called that she wasn't interested, as she was unaware her daughters had downloaded the winning app.

Apple called back though, and now the Davis family have a $10,000 iTunes sized cheque burning a hole in their pocket.

Neon Play's managing director Oli Christie told Pocket-lint that he was thrilled that one of his company's apps had been the 10 billionth.

"It's been an extraordinary weekend and as the whole team came into the studio this morning, we've all be laughing in disbelief at the phenomenal luck and the crazy odds that it's one of Neon Play's games," he said.

"10,000,000,000-1 is rather lucky! We hope that it helps put Neon Play on the map and that people can find and enjoy our other great apps like Flick Football, Talking Baby, Hotshot Pool and Golf Putt Pro.

Paper Glider is a free app, and is available in the App Store now. Expect to see it featured in Pocket-lint's App of the Day feature soon, very soon in fact.