The iPhone 4 finally, after months of speculation, landed on Verizon in the States this week.

And although, stats-wise, its version of the iPhone 4 is the same model as the original, a close examination of the chassis reveals that, because of the handset having to accommodate the CDMA radio, there's had to be some alterations.

The change is that the iPhone 4 antenna notch has moved from the top of the device to down the side, right where the mute and two volume buttons should be and, as a result, those sound controls have shifted as well.

Minor detail? Well, no. The function of the phone will be the same but all those carefully crafted iPhone 4 bumpers and cases are not going to fit properly.

Cue the inevitable onslaught of CDMA iPhone cases and bumpers then....

And the first bunch we've seen come from accessory specialist iLuv, who has announced "a new line of stylish cases and protective films for the iPhone 4 CDMA".

It's a pretty comprehensive range from iLuv which includes: a leatherette lip case ($49.99), a metallic case with a titanium and chrome finish ($29.99), translucent cases in various colours ($29.99), flex-gel cases ($24.99), a glow-in-the-dark case ($19.99) a sports armband ($29.99), a glare-free screen protector film ($14.99) and a clear screen protector film ($12.99).

The range will be available from the end of this month, ahead of the Verizon iPhone launch on 10 February.