Apple has always been famous for placing its logo into the lids or backs of its various devices; most notable in its Mac book range of laptops, as the logo is illuminated when turned on.

Now, it seems that this logo will not just have an aesthetic quality, but a useful functionality, as the company could be planning to place antennas within the logo - creating a "logo antenna".

This bright idea may be the fruit of the labour of the new employees that Apple hired after the debacle that was Antenna gate, and will hopefully make for a strong signal without the metal or other subsequent conductive materials interfering.

The patent, which has been published by Patently Apple shows both macbooks and the iPhone benefitting from the new design. Patently Apple goes onto describe the problem before Apple's eventual solution:

"It could be difficult to incorporate antennas successfully into an electronic device. Some electronic devices are manufactured with small form factors, so space for antennas is limited. Antenna operation could also be blocked by intervening metal structures".

"Apple's solution involves logo antennas for electronic devices such as the MacBook and iPhone. The housing may contain conductive sidewalls. For example, the housing may be formed from a machined block of aluminum or other metals. The walls of the housing may be used to hold conductive components such as displays. Integrated circuits and other electronic components may be mounted within the housing".

It is also interesting to note that this technology could be downsized into miniature form with wrist watches and pendants being a viable form factor.

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