You've got to hand it to Stuart Hughes. After producing a limited edition, diamond-encrusted iPhone 4 that sells for around £5 million, you would have thought that the iDevice customiser would have nowhere left to go.

But you'd be wrong, because Hughes has now produced his coolest modded-up iPhone 4 to date - the T-Rex-tastic iPhone 4 History Edition.

Although not worth the same sort of moolah as his diamond-design, there's no disputing that the History Edition definitely has the edge when it comes to uniqueness.

And that's because it's packing an actual Tyrannosaurus Rex tooth.

Yep, that's right - this is the iPhone 4 that Fred Flintstone would have been rocking should they have been able to get a signal in Bedrock.

The tooth has been splintered and shaved into a polished meteoric stone that is 65 million years old (give or take a few days) and fitted onto the Apple handset. So it's not only a Jurassic-device, it is also, literally, out of this world too.

Hughes is producing 10 of the History Edition iPhone 4s - and each one is expected to sell for around £40,000.