If you can't afford to splash out £25 on the North Face Etip gloves, and you cannot be bothered to sew on your own conductive tips, but still need to use your touchscreen whilst keeping your paws warm, then the Suck UK Touch Pad Pencil Stylus could be just what you need.

Taking the form of a retro pencil that will remind you of your school days, the Touch Pad Pencil Stylus is made up of a conductive rubber material, that will work on the capacitive screen of your smartphone or tablet.

"They say the pen is mightier than the sword, so by extension it’s safe to assume the pencil is mightier than the finger", says the official site. "Make you and your smartphone look even smarter with a Suck UK Pencil Stylus".

Its makers describe it as the "most stylish stylus money can buy" and we have to agree. Well, it beats using a sausage anyway.

The Touch Pad Pencil Stylus is available from Suck UK for £7.50.

Thanks Peter