Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has publicly admitted that Android could win the smartphone OS battle, stating that the Google devices "have more features".

Woz did state that the Apple iPhone has the advantage at the moment however, as "it has very few weaknesses", but admitted that Android offers more choice, and that the iPhone is not the right phone for everyone.

Speaking with a Dutch newspaper, the inventor of the Apple I, also stated that Apple were in talks with a Japanese manufacturer in 2004 to develop a smartphone, but plans were shelved.

"Apple was satisfied with the quality but wanted something that could surprise the world", he said.

"If Apple comes with a new product it must have a real breakthrough. Companies need to wait to capture a market until they have something extremely strong".

Wozniak also had a dig at Nokia during the interview, saying that the Finnish phone giant is "the brand from a previous generation". Ouch.

Wozniak is in The Netherlands because he's opening the Science & Technology Summit at the World Forum in The Hague, which runs from 18-19 November.

Is Woz right? Will Android win out in the end? Give us your thoughts below.