Jealous of your Milestone pals' full QWERTY? Wish you could type away on a physical keyboard like your Desire Z buddies?

If so, then you might be interested in the BoxWave Keyboard Buddy, which adds a full physical QWERTY configuration to your Apple baby.

"Combining ergonomic technology with sleek aesthetics, the Keyboard Buddy Case is a protective backing for your Apple iPhone 4 that also includes an integrated slide-out Bluetooth keyboard", reads the official blurb. "The low-profile keyboard slides out smoothly, allowing you to easily transition between the Apple iPhone 4’s touch screen and a physical keyboard".

With slots for your camera, volume controls and speaker, the Bluetooth enabled keyboard clips onto your iPhone and can function for around 45 days before it needs a charge.

You can turn it off to save its battery when you're not using it, and when it is dead, you can charge it via USB.

The slider Keyboard Buddy is on pre-sale now, with shipping beginning on 14 December. It will cost you $69.95.