There's nothing like an impending Apple launch to stir the web rumour-pot.

And, with the release of the gold master seed of iOS 4.2 to developers last week, and the fact that iOS 4.2 apps are beginning to appear in the App Store, a number of potential landing dates are being talked up.

The main contenders appear to be 9 November or the 12 November - two dates which have, bizarrely, surfaced via German news reports. came up with the 9 November date after speaking with sources at Deutsche Telekom. Then, bloggers iFun proposed a conflicting date of 12 November after supposedly discovering that Apple will be pushing out network updates on this date.

Whatever the date turns out to actually be, you can count on it being an exciting day for fanboys, especially those with iPads who will see, for the first time, unity with their iPhone and iPod touch cousins.

Keep your eyes peeled to Pocket-lint where we'll be bringing you all the iOS 4.2 news as it happens. We've even got a work experience kid sitting in a dark room with an iPad plugged into iTunes, hitting update every 3 seconds so we know exactly when it drops.

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