They've done it again.

Even Steve Jobs must admire the Dev-Team's persistence and determination.

The Apple device hacker extraordinaire has just announced that iOS 4.1 has been jailbroken using the PwnageTool.

A statement on the Dev-Team's website reads: "We’re pleased to release PwnageTool 4.1 for Mac OS X (free of charge, blog ads, and donation requests - as always!). Today’s big new addition to the jailbreak family is AppleTV 2G, which was first shown jailbroken in its release week!"

The AppleTV jailbreaking isn't too exciting at the moment though, all that users are able to do is command line stuff - we wait with much excitement to see what the team do manage to do with Jobs' "hobby" in the future though.

Back to the iOS 4.1 crack, and the team is saying the jailbreak works with the iPad (firmware 3.2.2), iPod touch 4G, iPod touch 3G, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 3G.

If you do want to mess around with your iDevice (as well as messing around with your warranty) check out the Dev Team website for all the info.